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Therapeutic Massage Services

Chair Massage

Short seated massage session for quick stress relief, wellness, relaxation or focused work on a trouble spot. 

15 minutes    $12

The Mimi Special

15 minute seated chair massage for quick stress relief, wellness, relaxation or focused work on trouble spots; then treat your feet to a relaxing 20 minute foot and lower leg massage. 

35 minutes      $30

Swedish Mix Massage

Individually designed session for stress relief, wellness, relaxation, and/or focused work on trouble spots. Based on your goals and needs, a variety of massage techniques, with a Swedish base, may be incorporated into your session.

30 minutes $35

45 minutes   $47 

60 minutes  $65

75 minutes   $75

90 minutes   $95

      105 minutes  $110  currently unavailable

Relax & Restore 

A relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders with hot stones for the back, a warming eco-fin hand treatment and rejuvenating sea salts for the feet and lower legs. 

60 minutes      $75  ** 48 hr cancel policy

Royal Treatment 

A relaxing massage plus a warming eco-fin hand treatment and rejuvenating sea salts for the feet. Your muscles will thank you. 

90 minutes      $105   **48 hr cancel policy

The Beautiful Kitchen Sink 

A relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders with hot stones for the back; a hand and forearm massage with warming eco-fin treatment; rejuvenating sea salts for the feet, followed by hot stones for the feet and lower legs.

75 minutes      $85  **48 hr cancel policy

Relax Like A Cat 

A relaxing massage for the back, neck, head and shoulders, with hot stones for the back.

35 minutes      $40

Relax and Paws... Like A Cat 

A relaxing massage for the back, neck, head and shoulders, with hot stones for the back; includes soothing massage for your paws (hands and feet). 

60 minutes      $70

Upper Body Unraveled 

A relaxing massage for the back, neck, head and shoulders with hot stones for the back; a hand and forearm massage with warming eco-fin treatment. 

45 minutes      $55

Hot Stone Massage 

A variety of heated basalt stones are used in this full-body treatment to provide deep relaxation, grounding and physical healing. 

75 minutes      $85 **48 hr cancel policy

currently unavailable

Hot Herbal Poultice Massage 

A steamed poultice filled with herbs and essential oils is used in this full-body treatment; it softens muscle tissues and calms the nervous system using heat, herbal properties, rejuvenating oil and massage.

75 minutes      $85  **48 hr cancel policy

currently unavailable

Hand Massage 

Rejuvenating massage for the hands and forearms. 

20 minutes      $20

Happy Hands 

A restorative hand and forearm massage followed by a soothing hot stone massage. 

20 minutes      $22

Just The Ends

Relaxing massage with warm linens for the head, hands and feet.

30 minutes      $25

Head & Sinus Relief

Relaxing massage for the head, face and ears. 

20 minutes      $20

currently unavailable

Foot Massage

Treat your feet! Relaxing foot and lower leg massage.

20 minutes      $20

Hot Stone Foot Massage

Renewing foot and lower leg massage with hot stones. 

20 minutes      $22

Ocean Feet

Massage with rejuvenating oil, Dead Sea or Epsom salts and warm linens makes this an invigorating experience for your feet and lower legs.

30 minutes      $25

Earthy Feet 

A rejuvenating foot and lower leg massage with warm linens, Dead Sea or Epsom salts, and soothing hot stones. 

30 minutes      $30

2023 Office Procedures:

Stay home and cancel if you don’t feel well, have any symptoms or have been notified of recent exposure.

The door will be unlocked two-three minutes before your session.

Please wait at least one week after receiving any vaccine before scheduling.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted.  I wear a KN95 during sessions.

As always, the office is cleaned, sanitized and aired out after each session.

Please call with questions or concerns about cleaning, ventilation, testing or current office procedures.

Not all services are available to first-time clients.  

This is not a spa; couple/small group massage not regularly available; deep tissue/pressure not available; and Saturday appointments are not regularly available. 

Your appointment confirmation email includes a health form. We'll review it together to determine your session goals.

Office Policies

Please be on time. Your appointment start time is “ready-at-the-desk” time. If you’re late, your table time will be shortened; however, you’ll be expected to pay for the entire length of the reserved session.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If less than 24-hour notice is provided, the entire session’s fee will be charged; please pay the fee at or before your next session.

No-shows will be charged the entire amount for missed appointments.

Clients who repeatedly cancel and reschedule appointments may be blocked from using online scheduling.

Feel free to contact me directly by phone, email, text or contact form if you can’t find an appointment online, if your need is urgent, or you would like to be notified if I have a cancellation today.

Full payment is expected at your visit.

There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

I accept cash, local checks, and most credit cards through Square.

Gift certificates, coupons, and vouchers must be presented at your scheduled appointment.

**Saturday appointments, Hot Herbal Poultice Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Royal Treatment, and the Beautiful Kitchen Sink request 48-hour cancellation notice.**


Please cancel for cold or flu, fever, contagious conditions, vomiting or diarrhea in last 48 hours, or frequent cough. Please consider whether you’ll be comfortable lying in the headpiece or on your back. Please wait to reschedule until your symptoms subside.

If you’re not feeling well two--three days before your appointment, please cancel it then; do not “wait and see.” If you wake up ill the day of, please cancel as early as possible. Email, voicemail and an online contact form are available 24/7.

I can not massage bruises, varicose veins, poison ivy, shingles, swelling, open wounds, cuts, scrapes or burns.

Some medical conditions may require physician approval prior to receiving massage.

Planning your time

Please do not come to your appointment high, tipsy or drunk. I may refuse to work with you under these conditions.

Please do not bring pets to your appointment.

Please do not explore the yard or wander around the house.

Please allow for a minimum 90-minute cool-down between exercise and your massage session.

Please be sure to hydrate well and have a hearty snack or meal if you’ve had bloodwork or given blood before your session.

Please give careful consideration to scheduling an appointment if you’ve had recent dental work or eye surgery, or a fresh tattoo.

Unless you have an emergency situation, please turn off all phone sounds and wait until you’ve left the office to check your phone. I need to prepare the room for the next client.


Military personnel receive a $5 discount on individual full-priced sessions 30 minutes or longer. ID required. This may not be combined with specials, other discounts or coupons, and is not applicable toward gift certificate purchases for others.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for purchase at the office, by mail, by telephone or online. Visit Contact Page to purchase instantly via email.

Outcalls-may be temporarily unavailable

I'm available for home/office visits, events, and parties for an additional charge.  Please call to let me know you're interested in this service.

Subject to change.

Updated May 2022.

Links for Frequently Asked Questions

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Center for Therapeutic Massage

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By Appointment:  315 685 2488

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