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Reviews for Meghan Holden, LMT at The Connection Center for Therapeutic Massage

"I have been with Meghan for quite along time. She is wonderful in many ways. You can tell her your problem area's and expect great relief. She can look at your problem area's and not only feel but see just what needs to be done! I have been with other therapists but nothing to compare to Meghan.The atmosphere is excellent for relaxing and feeling comfortable.I recommend her very highly and encourage everyone to let her help you!"

"A once a month visit with Meghan keeps my muscles relaxed and pain free. For years I only went for a massage when I was in agony, not any more! She made me realize that you need to do good things for your self to feel good and be your best."

"If you're looking for a spa experience but with personal attention and caring, look no further! Meghan makes you feel like you are her only client. She listens and wants to make sure your session is everything you need it to be. I always feel truly cared for when I visit."

"There is nothing I can say bad about Meghan except the time goes by way too fast. I look forward every month to my hour massage!!!!! Meghan is a delightful person and will make you feel right at ease."

"I have been going to The Connection for well over a decade. Meghan is always attentive, informative, conscientious and competent at helping address whatever bodywork I have sought. She has offered feedback & suggestions that consistently help me feel better -when I follow through on them. Over the years, she has helped me to become more aware of HOW I live in my body, and how to do it more comfortably. The benefits of these massage experiences have been helpful and healing on so many levels."

"Meghan is the best !! I always feel so relaxed when I leave. Her massages keep me functioning. Winter time used to give me terrible posture, but with her help my shoulders are were they belong."

"I LOVE going to Meghan for massages. This time it was the October special foot massage. The only bad part is the time goes too fast because it feels great. I also got a 15 minute chair massage which always makes me feel better. Meghan is so accommodating when you are in pain and bends over backwards to fit you in. Love her & her magic hands!"

"Meghan fit me in and helped me melt the ache of over working myself right away! I highly recommend that everyone use massage therapy as a part of their normal health and wellness routines!"

"Meghan has the sweetest personality, and a warm and gentle touch. I found myself "drifting off" to that healing space of relaxation a number of times during my session with her. I even lost myself in space and time - I am truly grateful!"

"If you want a welcoming atmosphere and relaxing massage this is the place to go!!! Meghan makes you feel at home and is very attentive to your needs!!!!"

"The August Special was just right to relieve the soreness of the summer sandals. Meghan as always has that pleasant and calming demeanor, perfect for a therapist. I highly recommend to treat yourself! Try the foot massage, it's the best!"

"This time I indulged in the August special and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! My skin was very soft and smooth and I felt invigorated. The perfect gift to me, for me, from me!!"

"Every time I have a massage at The Connection Center, I am more impressed with how peaceful and relaxed I feel. Meghan is so calm and patient and is exceptionally professional. Her desire to make others feel comfortable and her encouragement to communicate issues and concerns make this a truly personal and individualized massage experience. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Everyone, myself included, should visit as often as possible!"

"After years of struggling with knots and spasms in my back, neck and shoulders due to my job, I discovered the miracle of therapeutic massage! Meghan urges you to communicate your issues, then let her work her magic. I go every month and have never felt better!"

"I will stay with Meghan because she does a great job and she is very thorough and nurturing. I look forward to many more relaxing massages!"

"The Connection Center for Therapeutic Massage is the first place I turn to for relief and destressing from life and work. I highly recommend you add massage therapy to your wellness routines!"

"Yes, I am spoiled by the wonderful massages I receive from Meghan. Yesterday was my first time experiencing the hot herbal poultice massage and ....omg....I was so very relaxed and here I am 24 hours later, still feeling good, no great! The scent from the herbs was wonderful, the heat from the table and the poultice, mmmmmm. Can't wait to have another!"

"I have been receiving massage for many years and Meghan completely surprised me with her level of service! Some of her amenities surpassed pricey spa treatments I've enjoyed elsewhere. She used hot packs, warm towels, a "boob" pillow so I wouldn't feel squished when she was working on my back, an arm rest hammock under the face cradle, and an eye pillow when I was on my back. Her technique is thorough and relaxing. I will definitely be back!"

"When she opened the door, I actually cried for joy because I knew she could make my tension headaches better- and all the other aches and pains! She truly is a wonderful massage therapist! Got the 75 minute for the first time- it was worth it!!"

"I had a one hour massage just for the relaxation and enjoyment of it. Meghan did a great job! She was very polite and made me feel comfortable and welcome. The massage room was perfect! A comfortable massage bed, soothing music, perfect room temperature, and lightly scented massage oil made it a great experience. I would recommend treating yourself to a great hour at The Connection!"

"The whole experience is geared toward making you relaxed. Meghan's hands are magic, and make sure you tell her where your aches and pains are. I'm pretty sure I dosed off near the end of our last session. Enjoy!!!!"

"Meghan was a WONDERFUL host and I thoroughly enjoyed my half hour session! I have a neck fusion and was expecting some discomfort, but much to my delight there was NO DISCOMFORT at all! I would recommend her without hesitancy to ANYONE! :)"

"Meghan takes great concern into listening to your concerns about your body. Recently I had a very tender wrist. Meg worked on it 2 to 3 visits and it was 90% better. Her place is very cozy and comfortable!!!"

"I have had many massages over the years, and this is the first time I have ever fallen asleep. Extremely relaxing! Meghan is very professional and I will definitely go back."

"Was very pleased with my experience at The Connection Center! Meghan was thorough and very accommodating with my areas of concern. She is very skilled and I felt comfortable with her from the beginning. Recommended"

"My husband raved about his massage from Meghan and signed me up for one soon after his. Meghan makes sure she knows what areas of your body need special attention and she takes the time to give a custom massage. I enjoyed my experience very much. Meghan has a caring attitude that really makes a difference."

"Meghan is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She took the time to explain to me what she was doing during the massage and the possible causes of my muscle congestion. This massage was certainly one of the best, if not the best, I've ever had."

"I had a very relaxing experience. in a clean and friendly environment. Meghan's new place is very welcoming. Meghan was very friendly and I felt great afterward."

"Loved it! Very relaxing and enjoyable experience! Was the perfect way to start my vacation! Have been raving about it since! I'm pregnant and it was perfect!"

"The owner of this unique mini-spa is the massage therapist! I have never experienced such a personalized massage and was thrilled with the service. Don't hesitate, book an'll be glad you did!"

"Meghan was able to find my troubled spots and work on those. I will make another appointment in the near future.I went home relaxed refreshed and more comfortable."

"I have been going to Meghan for a long time. She knows me better than I know myself. Her massage is the only thing that controls my pain. Thanks for all you do!"

"Two days ago I had my first apt with The Connection Center. I have been sore for about a month now due to workouts and sitting at a computer. Meghan took her time before we went into the massage to discuss what my needs were and took her time during the massage to these areas. I can't tell you how good I have felt for the past two days. I have recommended her to my co workers and friends. She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and she truly cares about the customer"

"I had a lot of tightness in my shoulders, neck and back, and Meghan worked to loosen me up. The atmosphere is warm and soothing; I came close to falling asleep. I was completely relaxed when I left, and even though my appointment was midday, I slept for 9 1/2 hours that night. Looking forward to seeing Meghan again."

“I have been a client of The Connection Center for many years. The service is always very professional and healing. Meghan has helped me to get through pains and stresses on multiple occasions. After a visit, I sleep better and am much more productive in the days following. What a gifted healer! I highly recommend The Connection!”

“If you aren't happy with your past experiences with massage therapy, then you must go to The Connection Center for Therapeutic Massage!! Meghan has mastered the art of massage and you are going to feel incredible, not only when you leave, but for days after your visit. I have been a happy client for years and there is no need for me to go anywhere else. I am looking forward to my next appointment, conveniently scheduled on-line, and I look forward to many more years as Meghan's client.”

“My Hot Stone Massage was heavenly. This is my second appointment in 2 weeks. I feel terrific afterwards. Meghan is very welcoming and pays great attention to your comfort. Her office is very warm and welcoming and meticulously neat. Have already scheduled my 3rd appointment :)”

“Not only was the massage wonderful but Meghan went above and beyond to make sure the experience as a whole was perfect by paying attention to detail. I will definitely be returning!”

“The massage that Meghan gave me was wonderful... She focused on my trouble spots and made my massage a wonderful experience.. I felt great after...”

“Great experience.”

“Meghan gave me a wonderful massage as she always does. I have headaches and she always helps me to feel better. She is thoughtful and caring about your comfort throughout. Her new room is beautiful and soothing. I'll be back soon.”

“Meghan did a wonderful job releasing all the tension in my back and neck. I was comfortable and she focused on the areas that were most sore. I'll be back!”

"Really enjoyed my massage with Meghan today. Her attention to detail made me feel very secure and in "good hands". The massage room is perfectly appointed, roomy, uncluttered and clean. The aromatherapy was a nice touch and a new experience for me. Throughout it all, Meghan was present and intentional in her practice. I really enjoyed my experience."

"Very warm, cozy and welcoming environment with soothing music. Meghan was great and, most of all, my massage was wonderful! I am definitely coming back!"

"Meghan is extremely down to earth and friendly. She is concerned and thoughtful. She worked on my back and I could not have felt more relaxed when I left her place."

"Meghan provides a welcoming atmosphere and a quiet, peaceful environment. Not only does she provide a wonderful massage but also includes little extras like a bottle of water and a "come back" coupon at the end. I definitely plan to return!"

"Meghan is always concerned first and foremost about me and what she can do to improve how I feel....whether it be a sore muscle from tennis or a terrible headache from stress. I have been going to Meghan now for almost 10 years and am exceedingly happy with my massages."

"Meghan is such a bubbly person... She is always concerned on how you are feeling and listens to your complaints and makes sure she gives special attention to those areas during the massage. I have been going to Meghan for over 9 years... Love her new place makes you feel so cozy and comfortable... Meghan gets a 10 star if I could give her that!!"

"I have many massages, but what stands out about the Connection Center is that Meghan took the time to sit with you beforehand and really talk about what you are looking for in this massage. And being a fellow runner, Meghan understood what I needed after telling her about my training and my sore muscles. I felt so comfortable the entire time. Her massage room was very cozy and nice. And the massage itself was just the best! I will be going back soon."

"Meghan in a skilled massage therapist with excellent credentials and a lot of experience. She knows how to put her clients at ease immediately, is patient answering all questions, and concerned about personalizing your experience to meet any requests or health challenges you may have. The atmosphere during the massage is relaxing and beautiful. I highly recommend her!"

"Meghan was very professional and made me feel welcome. She did an awesome job! I felt very relaxed after a stressful week. I plan to schedule another one soon."

"The atmosphere was very soothing, Meghan was very professional and accommodating. I was so relaxed I was just about asleep. I plan on scheduling another one soon!"

"Meghan was very welcoming and made me feel at home and so relaxed....I think I'll need to book 2 hours next time!! I'm also sending my Husband for his Birthday!"

"Meghan is very kind and professional. The 60 minute massage is wonderful!! Can't wait until the next one! I have been spreading the word about her all day."

"The owner and massage therapist was outstanding."

"Therapeutic massage from Meghan was better for me than going to the chiropractor. I get one once a month and have never felt better! No more knots, spasms or muscle aches, Love it, love her!"

"Very enjoyable."

"I appreciated the chance to choose an essential oil based on my needs and mood. Meghann was sensitive to the area of my body that carries the most stress. I was so relaxed afterward, I could have taken a nap right there!"

"I used to get sinus infections 3 or 4 times a year before going to Meghan. I look forward to relaxing in a serene place after a difficult day at work. I don't even realize how stressed I am until Meghan starts massaging my back! I don't usually feel comfortable around people but Meghan is such a professional, I have never felt uncomfortable."

"Meghan was incredibly sweet and catered to exactly what I liked. A great little find via Groupon. Would certainly recommend her (and the sixty minute table massage!)"

"Meghan is a miracle worker!"

"Very relaxing."

"Meghan does such a great job with her massage sessions. It is always so relaxing and it is such a comfortable setup. She always knows just the spots that need the most "work" and I feel great afterward."

"Meghan's massages bring many kinds of healing to our daughter. She is always calm and happy and spiritually at peace after she has been ministered to by Meghan. God Bless Meghan's healing touch and cheerful presence."

"Very relaxing, a nice pleasant massage that was well performed. Meghan listened to what I wanted and responded accordingly. Well worth the visit and price."

"Very satisfied with my visit here. A very clean and professional environment, and highly knowledgeable staff. I felt fantastic afterward and will be scheduling another appointment in the near future."

"My first experience at The Connection Center was very positive. I am relatively new to massage so I am still trying to discover what is helpful for me, and Meghan was an active participant in that process. I liked that she took the time to come up with a "plan" before the massage began. I also liked the use of essential oils. She is a kind and friendly person and put me at ease. I felt relaxed all day after my massage!"


Center for Therapeutic Massage

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